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Nov 4

Don’t mess with grandma’s vote.

The cause of abortions is unwanted pregnancies. If you get rid of unwanted pregnancies the number of people who seek abortions will drop like a rock. Simply banning abortion leaves women stuck with unwanted pregnancies. Banning abortion doesn’t make those pregnancies wanted. Many women in a situation like that will be willing to do anything to end that pregnancy, even if it means trying to induce their own abortions (say, with a coat hanger or by drinking chemicals) or seeking out illegal abortions. I realized that the real way to reduce abortion rates, then, was to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. And the way to do that is with birth control, which reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies by allowing women to control when and if they become pregnant.


How I Lost Faith in the “Pro-Life” Movement (via azspot)

I have found a sister in spirit and for this I am glad.

Please stop perpetuating that idiotic meme that JFK stated he was a pastry in his Berlin speech.


Berliner has more than one meaning. It can mean a person from Berlin or a jelly doughnut, powdered not glazed.

Just like frankfurter can mean a sausage or a person from Frankfurt-am-main.

Also tableau can mean a table or a flat thing hanging on a wall.

And in English, joke can mean a funny phrase or it can be an insult like “you’re a joke”.

Just so you know I meant funny, as in humorous  not funny as in “you smell funny”.

Oh and humorous, as in causing laughter, not the long bone in your leg.

Basically, congratulations for digging up a 4 month old post and making a negative comment about it. Either you’re a close friend or family member of Jack Kennedy’s or a troll. Sadly I can’t tell which since you decided to ask anonymously, so I’m going to go with troll.

That would be troll as in a useless, lazy, person whose greatest achievement is pissing people off on the internet from his mother’s basement or where ever losers hang out these days, not the smelly kind that live under bridges and ruin people’s day. Well, I guess you could be smelly if you haven’t left that basement in a while.

Oh and I was pretty pissed off earlier at a person that I can’t exactly yell at so thanks for giving me an outlet.


Is that really a picture of Hurricane Sandy descending on New York?

Please do not be among the ones spreading panic and misinformation. It doesn’t help. 

Also, to every news agency referring to this as a post-tropical SUPERSTORM, please do humanity a favor and go out of business. Over hyping this is disrespectful to the people who lived and died in this storm and to people who have lived and died in other far more severe storms.

(Source: istwitterwrong)